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3 hour trips in Oslo fjord

Join the experienced guide and instructor Finn for a tour to see Oslo from the kayak.

You can choose to just enjoy the tour itself or you can get some technical feedback from Finn on the way.

The pace is set for a nice paddle, not training as such, with guidance along the way. 

We want to give you an unforgetable experience.

We have kayaks and all that you need for the trip.

We follow a beautiful strech and stop on the nicer places for pictures, food, drinks etc (you bring your own).

Where to meet and where to paddle

Just the 2nd train stop with any train from downtown Oslo (Nathional theatre) is the station Lysaker.

From here you can walk just 5 minutes toward the beach (Sollerudstranden).

We meet at the beach volleyball area adjacent to the beach.

The red dots on the map is where we usually have short brakes along the journey. How far we go depend on the sea, weather and of course the pace of the group. 

Easy to register

Just click "Påmelding" for the time that suits you and fill out the form. Your place is guaranteed. If the tour is fully booked, you get the message right when you click "påmelding". Click "påmelding", fill out the form, and we see you at the Lysaker beach for a memorable trip!


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